Valley Food Partnership accepts donations through our local partner Alpine Bank. Clicking on the button below will direct you to their secure “Quick Click” server. All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt by email as soon as payment is processed.

Join us in growing and expanding our goal of “growing” the healthiest community in Colorado! The Valley Food Partnership is working towards this goal in collaboration with local partners who share our vision and mission.

We live in an area where our landscape is alive with an abundance of local agriculture and produce, and wellness is within reach for all in our community.

Due in large part to overconsumption of processed foods and under-consumption of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins, nearly one-third of Montrose County children are considered obese or overweight.  This statistic contributes to the alarming prediction that the next generation will not live as long or have as healthy a life as you and I do.

Together, change is possible and we need your help to make change happen.  The Valley Food Partnership is working hard to reverse this trend.  Along with our 89 producers and organizational partners, the Valley Food Partnership is making a difference by:

  • Implementing farm to school projects that create healthy eating habits
  • Increasing access to healthy, locally grown food
  • Providing educational workshops and promotion for local farmers

Join us in growing and expanding these valuable programs that will contribute to a healthier next generation right here in our local community.

Your donation to the Valley Food Partnership says “Yes!  It’s possible!”



Thank you for your support!