Milk and Honey Homestead

14231 6000 Rd Montrose CO, 81403

Tami Boggan


Milk and Honey Homestead provides grass fed, raw milk shares. Our milk is bottled in glass jars with a heavy cream line on top. Milk and Honey Homestead’s farm practices are completely sustainable and organic! Our cows are milked indoors by machines in sanitary and accommodating conditions. Per organic standards, we never use antibiotics, hormones, GMO grain, or chemical wormers. We allow our cows to graze rotationally on irrigated pastures that are fertilized with organic compost tea and sea minerals for optimal health of our live stock. Certified A2A2 milk is also available through our facilities. 
Milk and Honey Homestead provides milk year round with our easy self-serve pick up. We also offer grass fed beef, milk-fed pork, and in-season garden vegetables and fruits.