14679 5875 Rd.
Montrose, CO 81403

DELYAKS raises Yaks for high quality breeding animals for people starting their Yak herds, whether for meat markets or wool production and for pets. We buy back all male yaks at butcher age for our Yakmeat marketing program nationwide. We have a shortage of Yaks to butcher, because demand is growing rapidly, and we need more Yaks to be raised for this demand.
We sell this delicately flavored, all natural, grassfed, pasture finished, lean meat to restaurants and individuals. We also sell the skulls, tails, hides, wool, to artists and spinners/weavers. Let’s discuss your involvement in this Yak supply chain. We need entrepreneurial activists to join us for fun and profit.

Lean Grassfed Yakmeat, yaks as breeding stock and as pets, wool, hides, skulls, tails
Available at our ranch, online, requested restaurants