MFM Vendor

2018 fee structure
$350 Annual fee, May – April
$250 Summer Market only,  May – Oct
$150 Winter Market only, Nov – April
$50 Double tent or box truck, Summer only
$40 Day fee
$15 Non-profit fee

Vendor Rules and Regs

Applying to the Montrose Farmers’ Market
Summer 2018
1.Go to and create a vendor account using your email address.
2.Click on the ‘profile’ tab and fill out your vendor profile. Click ‘submit’ at the bottom when you are done
filling out the fields.
3.Click on the ‘products’ tab and add your products using the selector tool. The software requires all vendors
to have at least one product selected in order to apply to any markets. If you have a long product list, you’llfind adding all your products to be prohibitively slow. For this reason, we at the Montrose Farmers’ Market
have allowed applicants to skip this step and instead upload their own product list document.
You’ll be able to do this in step 7.
4.Now you’re ready to apply to the market! Click on the ‘my markets’ tab and then click on the big ‘Click Here to Apply to a Market’ link.
5.You should now see the ‘2018 MFM Summer Market’ listing. If you don’t see our market listed, try putting Montrose, CO 81401 United States’ into the search box and clicking OK. Click ‘Apply Now’ to begin your application.
6.Read the welcome message and click through to the application. Answer all the questions and click
‘submit’ before attempting to upload any documents.
7.VERY IMPORTANT!After submitting your application, click over to the ‘licenses’ tab and upload any
required documents. This would include your product list document, if you did not select all your products
in step 3. This also includes your product liability policy and any food safety or sales licenses required for your business.
8.Once all required documents are uploaded, the Advisory Committee (AC)will review your application.Please allow two weeks for a response from the AC. Please be sure to attach all documents required foryour product list to avoid a delay in processing your application.THE AC WILL NOT REVIEW FOOD VENDOR APPLICATIONS WITHOUT AN ATTACHED PRODUCT LIABILITY POLICY.
9. After the AC approves your application, our manager will issue you an electronic invoice for the vendor
fee. You’ll receive a notification of the invoice in your email, and you’ll be able to pay the invoice under the
‘account’ tab. You can use the ‘account’ tab to pay online via PayPal, or you can write a check to the manager
in person if you prefer.
Thank you for applying to the Montrose Farmers’ Market!
We’re looking forward to a great summer season. If you have any questions, please E-mail us