Growing Community

The Valley Food Partnership and Growing Healthy Communities Coalition are committed to supporting community and school gardens. Since 2013, we have supported the development of five community gardens and six school gardens.

Use the interactive map to get involved in a garden near you!

Resources for Educators

School gardens can be a learning tool for students of all ages. If you have curriculum material that you would like to share on this page, please email us.

Locally Developed Lesson Plans

Dig into our amazing local lesson plans developed by some of our very own educators and community members here in the Montrose area. There are lessons for students ranging from elementary to high school level. Take a peak at these awesome resources and see how you can plant the seeds of knowledge and engage your students at school or at home about the wonders of gardening, plant science and more!

Lesson Plans

School Gardens that Thrive – Elementary Level

Schoolyard Salsa– Elementary Level

Garden Lesson Plan Roots– 3rd Grade Level

Area and Perimeter of School Garden– 4th Grade Level

Garden Lesson Plan- Middle School Level

Garden Lesson Plan– 7th Grade Health

How Big is a Foot?– High School Level

denver-urban-gardenScience Standards

Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) provided all lessons compiled below from within their Garden and Nutrition Curriculum. The lessons coincide with both Earth and Life Science State Standards. It is suggested the students write the lessons down in some kind of journal. The lessons can be slightly adjusted to hit Literacy and Reading Standards as well as the Earth or Life Science Standard they already meet.

First Grade

First Grade

Standard: Gr.1-S.2

The Big Four

Standard: Gr.1-S.3

The Rotten Truth

Let’s Make Compost

Worms Are Our Friends