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Located in Western Colorado, the Valley Food Partnership (VFP) foodshed spans the productive valleys, mesas and grazing ranges of the West Elks and San Juan Mountains. With a long regional heritage of agriculture, the Valley Food Partnership seeks to keep these roots strong and deeply attached to the local economy and health of our communities. Current projects include work on a regional food hub and business incubator, the Eat Local Eat Healthy farm to restaurant program, Western Colorado Food and Farm Forum, Local Farmacy Rx fruit and vegetable prescription program, support for numerous school and community gardens, Farm to School efforts, and Savor the San Juans. VFP is the fiscal sponsor for  Montrose Farmers Market. 

The VFP includes a diverse group of stakeholders, each of whom are dedicated to growing our local food system while improving the health of our citizens and economy. Our partners include farmers, parents, health professionals, restaurateurs, chefs, educators, non-profit organizations, and community based organizations such as the hospital, school district, recreation departments, and senior programs.

VFP’s mission is to strengthen the health of the community through strengthening the health of our regional food system – both the production and the local consumption of healthy, fresh food.  

We strengthen the local food system and the well- being of the community through:

  • Community Education– Providing community awareness, programs, education and involvement that improves access and affects positive behavioral changes in both consumers and producers
  • Strengthening Local Food System Infrastructure– Increasing the capacity of the community food system infrastructure by developing opportunities for improving production, marketing, distribution and value added capabilities
  • Policy– Acknowledging the importance of policy at all levels and by maintaining communication with policy makers on highly related food system issues


I am involved with the Valley Food Partnership because I want to see a significant change in the role that local foods play in culture, economy, land use, health and attitude of the valley community.

Stu Krebs

Our Team

Board of Directors

Abbie Brewer

Abbie Brewer


Abbie is the Executive Director for Valley Food Partnership. She also serves as the Coordinator for Growing Healthy Communities Coalition and the Health Equity Advocacy Team. Abbie began her career in local food as the Montrose Farmers Market Manager, implemented the Local Farmacy Rx program, and expanded the effort to create school garden in Montrose. During Abbie’s extensive non-profit experience she has fostered collaboration between numerous community organizations. Abbie enjoys rafting adventures, the opportunity to spend time discovering nature with her children, cooking a new recipe and especially looks forward to photographing the blooming fields of sunflowers and buzzing bees near her home in Olathe.

Favorite fruit: Apples
Favorite vegetable: White turnips

Michele DeAnne

Michele DeAnne

Montrose Farmers Market Manager


Favorite fruit:
Favorite Vegetable:

Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson

Partnership Manager

Jake is the Partnership and Development Manager for Valley Food Partnership. Jake was born and raised in the Montrose area and is committed to growing a healthier community through his passion for local food. He considers himself a locavore, grows much of his own food, and has been involved with school and community gardening projects in Colorado for the last decade. He also spent several seasons “wwoofing” in Spain, Germany, and South America, learning about local food systems through the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms (WWOOF). Jake enjoys chatting philosophy around a fire (in Spanish and English), foraging wild foods while backpacking, watching his wife catch fish, and cooking those fish and veggies on the open fire.
Favorite fruit: Tomato
Favorite vegetable:  Edamame

Bobbie Kay

Bobbie Kay

Office Assistant

Bobbie is the Office Assistant for Valley Food Partnership. She is a fourth generation Montrose native who recently relocated back to the area to enjoy a simpler life immersed in the mountains. As a public health registered dietitian, Bobbie has spent the last decade working to enhance community wellness and local food systems in Northern Colorado through facilitating community dialogue, grant acquisition, and state-level policy advocacy. The evolution of her work and life have clarified her purpose of cultivating well-being as a lifestyle while encouraging the same for others. Bobbie draws inspiration and energy from yoga, writing, cooking, and exploring mountain trails with her husband and son.


Favorite Fruit: Blueberries

Favorite Vegetable: Spinach



Favorite fruit: 
Favorite Vegetable:

Emily Moen

Emily Moen

Food Access Manager

Emily joined Valley Food Partnership in June 2016 as the Food Access Manager, primarily serving as the coordinator for the Local Farmacy Rx program. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, received her B.A. from the University of Iowa, and spent the last few years in Chicago before she and her fiance decided to move to Montrose. She is thoroughly enjoying the change of pace and proximity to nature. In her free time, Emily loves to cook, hike, fish, camp, run, bike, ride horses, and garden. She values time spent with family, traveling, her faith, and has an affinity for nature & animals.

Favorite fruit: Peaches
Favorite Vegetable: Green Beans

President Robin Lewis

Vice President Beth Anderson

Co-Treasurer Dolores Killen
Town of Olathe

Secretary Cathy Romaniello

Board Members
Betsy Austin
Circle A Gardens

Phoebe Benziger

Lisa Perry
Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Harrison Topp
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Alyssa Tsukushi
Montrose Farmers Market

Tyler Mize , LaFamilia Gardens & the Market Bistro

Jami English, Honey Acre Farm

Funding Partners

Colorado Trust
Colorado Health Foundation

Organizational Partners

Center for Mental Health
Christ's Kitchen
City of Montrose
Colorado AgriTourism Association
Colorado State University Extension
Delta County Tourism
Edible Southwest Colorado
Farm Runners
Hispanic Affairs Project
Montrose Community Foundation
Montrose Downtown Development Authority
Mountain Roots Food Project
National Young Farmers Coalition
Ouray Chamber of Commerce
Rocky Mountain Dehydrated Foods
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Foundation
Southwest Institute for Resilience